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auteur : Bernard COAT L
titre : Bloody docks
éditeur : Smashwords
genre : Thriller
format : 18,5 x 20,5
nbpages : 169
résumé : As in an old novel by David Goodis ...

Turn a few pages, and then the curtain rises ...

Discover the misery in a small port of the French province.
The story takes place in the Farwest in France. Bernard Balzac came to rest and paint in his hometown. However, it is obliged to assist the police in an investigation whose indices constantly brings him back to his little world.
Not always funny life of artist ...
He will face to the worst, poverty, drugs, and he'll discover some secrets he would have preferred to ignore. Through his art, he solves a riddle sordid.

The characters are dark, sometimes only the hero reverses this trend, but he is alone.

"Bloody docks" is a social thriller, as he explores the depths of society which is represented with great lucidity, even if the fiction is very nice in this book.

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