dragon tiger game

The strategy to play the game

The game of dragon tiger is the game of fortune. Therefore make a point to play the game most logistically. This dragon tiger game has to be played with tactics. This is not a much-complicated form of casino game. But it would be wise to follow some strategy to be the winner and at the same time helps to avoid the potential losses. This game is not intimidating to any newbies. This game is completely exciting and is not at all boring even for the experienced players


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In the case of the staters, it would be good not to back the tie and mainly the suited-based tie. Although this is one of the good options it can be a very harsh form of the house edge. The player needs to stick to the backing which would be either the tiger or dragon. Even though the payout has a ratio of one to one, the most potent form of risk is very lower. The player at the same time will get a stake amount which is half of the stake in case there is no tie.

The player can also try the side bet as well, they need to avoid high as well as low bets. The player is mainly advised to work with black and red which usually has a ratio of one is to one.

 The player can also bet on either tiger or even a dragon. The main aim of the player is to guess which side would be the tiger or dragon will be getting the highest value of the card. If the player guesses right then the player will win the game and receive a payout each round of winning.